Engineer 1

  • Hilton Phoenix Airport
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Full-time
  • time-alarm-solid 2024-01-17T00:00:00Z

Job Description

The Engineer, Level 1 at Hilton Phoenix Airport is responsible for maintaining the property in optimal condition with minimal inconvenience to customers and employees. Join our team to ensure the smooth operation of essential equipment and systems to uphold the standard of excellence expected from a leading hospitality company.


  • Make repairs to the hotel air conditioning system, change filters, clean coils, and replace motors.
  • Perform preventive maintenance on various equipment including boilers, chillers, HVAC, and electrical systems.
  • Conduct required readings on equipment, test cooling towers, and record readings.
  • Replace and program televisions, light switches, receptacles, bulbs, fixtures, furniture, pumps, and plumbing components.
  • Understand and interpret blueprints and wiring diagrams, troubleshoot water lines, and repair kitchen equipment.
  • Maintain detailed repair and preventive maintenance records, adhere to local, state, and Federal codes, and test, clean, and repair swimming pools and spas.
  • Perform painting, sheet rock repair, finishing wall coverings, and programming hotel electronic lock systems.


  • High School diploma or equivalent with experience in a hotel or related field.
  • Minimum of one year of progressive experience in a hotel or related field; trade school or college coursework beneficial.
  • Flexibility with long hours occasionally required with the ability to communicate effectively with employees and guests.
  • Physical ability to exert force, multitask, prioritize tasks, and handle guest and employee interactions with a service-oriented approach.
  • Attend required meetings and trainings, maintain personal grooming standards, comply with regulations for safe hotel operations, and demonstrate problem-solving skills.
  • Capable of understanding and applying complex information, cross-training in other hotel areas, maintaining confidentiality, showing initiative, and following management directives.