Real Estate Credits & Incentives Coordinator/Specialist

  • Doug Rasmussen Consulting LLC
  • Rochester,NY
  • 2023-11-28T10:51:53Z
Real Estate Credits & Incentives Coordinator/SpecialistSteadfast City is looking for a Associate Project Manager - Real Estate Credits & Incentives to join their growing team at Rochester, NY 14604About Us:At Steadfast City Economic & Community Partners (, we are an economic development, community development, and non-profit consulting firm. We help businesses and real estate developers secure economic incentives when they expand or develop real estate. We also help communities, businesses, and community development organizations solve problems such as redeveloping/developing real estate, determining market feasibility for proposed projects, and performing planning and development related services. We work with organizations to secure New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC) to help finance facilities and impactful projects in low-income neighborhoods. Along with NMTC support, we assist non-profits with overall positioning and fund development/operational strategy.We got started because we saw the opportunity to weave together government, business, economic development, real estate, social, and philanthropic sectors in a more aligned and impactful manner. We exist because we have a strong desire to elevate businesses who create jobs, real estate developers who create and rebuild neighborhoods, cities who need development, organizations working to effectuate positive economic and social change, and people who benefit from all this occurring. Through our talents we hope to bring about positive economic and social change and better outcomes for all our business, real estate, community, and non-profit clients. We exist for a higher purpose, to have an impact in everything we do.Job Description:The Associate Project Manager on the Credits and Incentives ( C&I ) team will work closely with members of a fun and passionate team. Coming from a variety of educational backgrounds and work experiences, our unique backgrounds and holistic approach lend a new perspective to credits & incentives projects.The Associate Project Manager will work under the direction of the Associate Director of C&I and/ or the Senior Project Manager to support real estate and New Markets Tax Credit ( NMTC ) C&I projects. The Associate Project Manager will work closely with the C&I, NMTC, compliance, planning, and community engagement teams, when applicable, to both support and transition projects effectively and efficiently across disciplines as needed. The ideal candidate will be comfortable communicating and collaborating with colleagues across the organization, clients, and project stakeholders virtually, via email, by phone, and in person when necessary.At Steadfast City Economic & Community Partners, our multi-disciplinary staff must possess the ability to be nimble and flexible with their workloads and skill sets to ensure our projects bring the right set of expertise and leadership. Therefore, Associate Project Managers will have the opportunity to provide support and assistance across the company when and where needed. The following guidelines are intended to provide a guiding set of role expectations for either scenario.As an associate project manager:Proactively identify potential project changes and issues, while brainstorming solutions or suggestions to address said changes and issues.Provide prompt and courteous responses to client inquiries and requests and provide high-quality services and deliverables that meet or exceed client expectations.Offer proactive solutions and suggest improvements to enhance client experience and satisfaction.Work on a significant number of project tasks and deliverables, including project work, organization of deadlines and documentation, and workflow to ensure tasks and deliverables are completed accurately and in a timely manner.Continuously communicate with clients and project team to understand their needs and preferences and provide project support to ensure a smooth task and deliverable completion process.Work with the Project Manager and/ or Senior Project Manager to determine workload estimates and prioritization of project tasks and deliverables.Work with project team members on tasks that need to be completed, including but not limited to research, data analysis, credits and incentives modeling / analysis, and deliverable development.Keep Project Management staff apprised of task and deliverables statuses, internal deadlines, difficulties meeting expectations or hurdles that need to be overcome to complete tasks.Continually collaborate with internal Project Manager(s) to bring greater value to client projects.File project and client files and ensure that they are available to the team in an organized and predictable manner.Ensure consistency in filing and labeling of project documents and files and maintain version control of drafts and final documents.Regular clean-up of emails, client files, and folders to maintain organization and ensure document storage to avoid confusion, conflicts, and loss of client records.As a project support or assist:Provide project managers with support, and work with the lead project manager to ensure deadlines are met through timely responsive assistance as needed. Support may include, and is not limited to research, writing, map development, analysis, on-the-ground community engagement efforts, among other similar tasks.Ensure project and client files are available to the team in an organized and predicable manner.Keep project lead apprised of task statuses, internal deadlines, difficulties meeting expectations or hurdles that need to be overcome to complete tasks.Critically assess opportunities and challenges, coming up with solutions and escalating appropriately to the project lead, as needed.Work with project lead to ensure deliverables are high-quality and respond to the needs of the client.Continually work with project leads to innovate and provide ideas for new and better ways to execute project objectives, including but not limited to best practices or new tools and techniques.Work with project leads to manage expectations on task deliverables, including but not limited to time, budget, and format.Expertise Responsibilities:The Associate Project Manager on the Real Estate C&I team supports the team on various Credits & Incentives projects within the department. Overall, the Associate Project Manager will ensure that project tasks and deliverables are completed on time, executed effectively and efficiently, and in accordance with project manager and client directives. The Associate Project Manager will have the primary responsibility of documenting and maintaining project data, documents, files, folders, contact details, and meeting minutes in an organized and consistent fashion across projects.Expertise responsibilities include:Develop a deep understanding of the statutes, codes, regulations, and rulings that apply to various C&I projects and analyze them to evaluate impact on client projects.Provide credits & incentives team with day-to-day support on identification, and qualification of potential incentives opportunities for clients.Create digestible incentives outlines and descriptions through research on statutes, guidelines, code, and regulations.Create incentives models from legislation and guidelines.Develop deep knowledge of incentive programs and principles to be able to strategically approach incentives projects.Develop deep knowledge of real estate development language and principles for use in day-to-day work.Learn real estate modeling and finance essentials to home in on ability to analyze and interpret pro-forma and cash flow models.Communicate with stakeholders at all levels of client organization including executives, management, and staff, as well as other external stakeholders such as state and local government agencies.Develop a thorough understanding of incentives legislation, tax terminology and structures, business organization operations, and state tax procedures.Comfortable working with and analyzing large data sets and financial/ tax models.Research city, county, state, and federal legislation and working with compliance team to determine compliance needs and/or assist others.Skills:Ability to work independently and collaboratively on all project tasks and phases.Ability to prioritize when working on multiple projects and assignments.Ability to problem solve and troubleshoot.Extreme organization and attention to detail.Detailed tracking and follow-up with clients, team members, supervisor.Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite.Ability to critically assess and problem solve in all areas of your work.Ability to recognize when a situation needs to be escalated.Self-starter and desire to continue learning.Ability to communicate effectively with project stakeholders and maintain timely correspondence.Ability to conduct, digest, and summarize research on city, county, state, and federal levels.Qualifications:Bachelor s or Master s degree in Economic Development, Economics, Public Administration, Real Estate, Finance, Tax, Urban Planning, or a related field.2+ years of experience in Economic Development, Economics, Public Administration, Real Estate, Finance, Tax, Urban Planning, or a related field.Experience with technical research and writing.Experience with data analysis.Experience or coursework in interpreting and analyzing pro forma and cash flow models.Familiarity/ exposure to Real Estate Development principles.A genuine desire to develop better, think bigger, and create transformative opportunities for the clients and communities that we serve.Compensation & Benefits:Salary starts at $60K+ based on experience.Medical, Dental and Vision InsuranceFlexible Vacation and Paid Sick & Safe LeaveFlexible working hoursRetirement Plan matchDisability InsuranceLife Insurance 50k+Please submit your resume via the Apply now button.We are an Equal Opportunity Employer!